Project Time Frame

Project Time Frame Overview

Once a lease is signed, the average process takes between 5 to 9 months depending on many factors. The best way to decrease the project length is to overlap different elements when possible. For example, try and finish the design and begin picking out equipment while the lease is being finalized. In some cases, depending on the contractor and building management, you may be able to begin certain elements of construction prior to receiving permits.

1. SITE SELECTION: 4 to 6+ weeks

    • Select a location that not only has the amount of space needed, but a desirable location for the target demographics. Measure or obtain a scaled drawing of the space to analyze how this could fit a desired floor plan.

2. LEASE NEGOTIATIONS: 4 to 16+ weeks

    • Evaluate the following:
      • Land approval use
      • Length of the lease
      • Leasehold improvement allowances
      • Cost per square footage
      • Gross or triple net lease
      • Sub-letting
      • Eminent domain
      • Death and disability clauses, and more.

3. DESIGN: 6+ weeks

    • Working drawings (local building department will require engineering
    • Once you have the dimensions of the selected space, the designer can begin with the preliminary design (3-5 weeks). From there you can revise the design to meet your personal needs and preferences.
      • Note: To complete the design phase of your project we will be required to meet multiple times, one to two hours at each meeting.


    • Put project out to bid to 3 contractors (obtain references)
    • Review bids and select contractor
    • Draw up a construction contract and obtain time frame from contractor


    • The contractor will finalize the full set of MEP’s (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing plans) to submit for permitting.

6. BUILDING PERMIT: 4 to 8+ weeks

    • Submit two full sets of drawings to the building department for plan check
    • Do building department corrections (Each building department has its own requirements.)
    • Pull building permit
    • Note: Now is the time to begin assessing, selecting, and customizing equipment and supplies for your practice to ensure arrival before your target open date.

7. INTERIOR FINISHES: 4 to 12 weeks

    • Whether you work with a design studio, individual designer, or an interior team offered through your contractor, you will need to make decisions regarding the interior materials of your space. We highly recommend working with a designer that if familiar with the needs of a dental environment as these selections will make or break how your practice operates. The most important note is to utilize materials and products that are marked for commercial use.
    • Note: This could begin once the floor plan is finalized.

8. CONSTRUCTION: 8 to 16 weeks

    • This includes:
      • demolition (if applicable)
      • ground plumbing and electrical
      • framing
      • drywall
      • ceiling
      • paint/wall treatments (wallcovering, tile, millwork, etc.)
      • cabinetry and countertops
      • flooring

9. Equipment Installation: 1 to 2+ weeks

    • Note: 4 to 10 weeks are required to order your dental equpitment and supplies. During Bidding and permitting we will want to evaluate, pick, customize, and order the equiptment.

10. Dry Run/Staff Training: 1 to 2 weeks

    • Once the office is complete, it is time to train staff on new equipment, software, and office protocols. Invite friends and family for test runs before fully opening to the public.