Start-up Stories - Practice

Here's some inspiration for starting your dental practice:

Johanna Yepez, DDS, MSD

Pure Prosthodontics; "Our mid-century modern office style and our detailed approach is a reflection and extension of my vision"

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Dr. Paul Nguyen

Dr. Paul Nguyen’s successful practice journey is one of determination and holding on to a vision

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Krista Kappus, DDS

A young dentist recounts her career journey and shares the joys and responsibilities of practice ownership

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Rachel Dunlop, DDS, MSD

South Shore Smiles; All Families Welcomed to Pediatric/General Dentistry Practice Start-Up in Indiana

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Dr. Hana Rashid

Dr. Hana Rashid shares how growing up in a dental practice shaped her approach to patients and business

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NYC Smile Design

Having started their practice based on a shared desire to enhance patients’ lives, Drs. Mello and Tabib discuss their practice journey and staying inspired

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