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Houston Prosthodontics Office Achieves Texas-Sized Goals

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Pure Prosthodontics - Houston, TX | Johanna Yepez, DDS, MSD

From left to right: Josh Griebahn, Regional Manager; Dr. Johanna Yepez; Nick Freeman, Equipment Sales Specialist. Not pictured: Claudia Fuentes, Digital Technology Specialist.

When Dr. Johanna Yepez envisioned the design of her Houston, Texas office, Pure Prosthodontics, she didn’t see it as just a collection of colors, equipment, and design elements that she had long desired. She stepped back and considered it through the eyes of her patients, who range in age from young adults to seniors. The doctor’s patient load is diverse, so creating a space that connected across decades was one of her goals.


Another goal was that the office would express her approach to patient care, and that mission statement is so important she had it set into the wall in the reception area.

“Our mid-century modern office style and our detailed approach is a reflection and extension of my vision,” said Dr. Yepez, who opened the office in early 2019. “We live and practice every day in the presence of our core values: human connection, excellence, education, passion, and purpose.”

Upscale Office Custom-Designed to Doctor’s Passion

Concrete floors lead patients into the clinical area, which has five treatment rooms, one being a quiet room. 

The 2,100-square-foot general dentistry and advanced prosthodontics office is in the heart of The Heights, an upscale neighborhood the doctor always admired for its unique character and community. She wanted her office to contribute to the area’s charm while embracing technology she used throughout her extensive training. A big order to be sure, but that’s typical of Texas!

The location was previously a retail space, with an attractive brick facade on a well-traveled street. It was completely gutted and renovated to make way for Pure Prosthodontics, noted Nick Freeman, the Henry Schein Equipment Sales Specialist who was invited into the building project by the doctor’s Field Sales Consultant, Claudia Fuentes. Ms. Fuentes sparked the idea of building Pure Prosthodontics during business meetings with the doctor, who mentioned that she couldn’t find an existing office that fit what she wanted.

“I asked her for her vision, and her eyes lit up. She related that she is passionate about educating other colleagues and spending the necessary time with patients to understand their health and care. She shared the ideal workflow of her practice, a welcoming, warm environment with lots of natural light, and a conference room to host continuing education. I suggested she consider a new build-out, where she could design her very own dream office.”

Claudia Fuentes

The mid-century style is timeless, appealing to the multiple generations who visit the office. The casual styling of the chairs and seating arrangement were intentional, helping patients feel at ease. 

Together, Mr. Freeman, Ms. Fuentes, and Dr. Yepez began to conceptualize designs with Jennifer Rhode, Manager of the Henry Schein Integrated Design Studio team. Leaning into the doctor’s clear direction, Mr. Freeman attended several events with the doctor to showcase potential equipment and technology that could deliver the high level of patient care she wanted. 

Sophisticated Color Palette Provides a Neutral Backdrop for Design Elements

The design of the office, with its modern concrete flooring, pure white walls, and minimalist accents in black and gray, has a Spartan-like feel to it. The space is highly functional and no-nonsense, but also very welcoming. The mid-century upholstered chairs have a laid-back style, literally, and burnished floor lamps are placed among antique pieces, blocky rustic wood desks and tables, and contemporary art, providing enclaves of eclectic comfort and serenity.

The ACTEON X-Mind Trium panoramic X-ray unit sits in a central alcove and gives the doctor the flexibility to upgrade to 3D imaging as she grows her practice.

“The reception area has a direct entry to the lounge, which patients and guests are invited to utilize,” said Ms. Fuentes, who likened it to entering an art gallery. “Every new guest gets a grand tour of the office. They are informed about the latest and greatest dental equipment and technology the doctor brought into her practice to provide the most accurate diagnosis and care for her patients.”

Beauty Paired with Comfort, Reliability, and Top-of-the-Line Technology

As patients move to the clinical space, they are greeted by five spacious treatment rooms, one of which is a closed-bay quiet room. All are outfitted with A-dec chairs, cabinetry, and lights. The gray cabinetry is a sleek complement to the high white walls and windows intermittently scattered throughout the space that draw in natural light. The chairs, with their elegant lines, are beautiful to look at, with deep, rich upholstery that surrounds patients in luxury. 

Next to the imaging alcove sits the Midmark sterilization center. This galley-style configuration is state of the art, moving instruments from dirty to clean effectively, and leads into an onsite lab. 

Dr. Yepez previously used A-dec equipment in her training and was comfortable with its reliability and performance, but also toured the A-dec facility with  Mr. Freeman to explore different setups.

“Prosthodontics requires a lot of planning and a multidisciplinary approach,” notes Dr. Yepez. “Having the adequate setup and flow is of paramount importance and allows me to provide the best of the best for my patients.” 

For digital imaging, the doctor chose ACTEON SOPIX sensors in combination with a KaVo NOMAD portable X-ray unit (used chairside) and a 2D upgradable ACTEON Trium panoramic unit. 


“The ACTEON Trium provides a great image, fits within her budget, and allows her to transition to 3D as Pure Prosthodontics grows,” noted Mr. Freeman. 


The doctor’s ultimate goal is to utilize a cone beam with intraoral scanning and in-office printing, so equipment choices were made to ensure that expansion is seamless when the time comes. 

Rave Reviews from Patients and Staff; Growing Referrals from Colleagues

Open less than a year, Pure Prosthodontics is accumulating rave reviews from patients who praise the doctor for taking time to explain complex procedures. They also love the beauty and professionalism of the office. Her colleagues have noticed too, and her growing reputation for providing exceptional patient care has led to her receiving an increased number of referrals. 

The doctor has used A-dec equipment throughout her career and knew it fit her vision and had exceptional ergonomics and reliability. 

Managing all of this growth is made easier by using Dentrix Ascend practice management software, which has been a key integration, according to Mr. Freeman. It brings all of her digital technologies together in one hub and has also been powerful for the staff as they interact and communicate with patients. 


The design of the office has showcased the doctor’s passion for patient care, and she sees that her staff has embraced her mission as well. 


“My team is proud of the Pure Prosthodontics space,” says Dr. Yepez. “I can tell they see the same vision. My patients are loving the open concept and I could not be happier about the memories I’m creating in my space!”